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You can download my papers and read and cite them.

My published papers are on different  dimensions of  Forensic Medicine, Toxicology, Forensic Odontology, forensic Nursing Science & prevention of ragging & Corporal Punishment

My Published Papers Under Construction

Forensic Medicine


The Decade of Action on Road Safety and Injuries Prevention:The Media Challenge in the 21st Century

Forensic Medicine and Toxicology: Challenges and
Opportunities of the Future in India

Facial Reconstruction during postmortem examination: Autopsy case reports

COVID-19: Dead body Management

Basics of Victimology for Medical Personnel

Variations in Foramen Transversarium in cervical Vertebrae

Risks, hazards and safety in mortuaries

The financial impact of road traffic accidents on the society

Sweat Analysis and Its Role in Identification

Lesch–Nyhan Syndrome: In a Yemeni female child

Normogram from fetal kidney length by ultrasonographically

Diagnostic efficacy of cardiac troponins in post-mortem examination of cases of acute myocardial  infarction 

Y-chromosome DNA identification of apermic male offender from a vaginal swab of victim

A study of vertebral synostosis and its clinical significance

Age  estimation from the epiphyseal fusion of ischial tuberosity

Age estimation from the distal end of tibia 15epiphysis

Bullous Emphysematous Lungs- A Case Report

Berry aneurysm – A case report.

Radiological Age Estimation from Manubrio-Sternal Joint in living population of Punjab.


Effect of vision 2015 on Forensic Medicine.

Abnormal sexual behaviour - a study of social factors.

Arcus senalis- an indicator of age


Ultra-sonographical age estimation from foetal biparietal diameter.

Age estimation from the medial end of clavicle by X-ray examination.

Medico-legal aspects of blood transfusion.

Age estimation of injury from abrasion -a clinical study from north India.

Social stigmas and orthodox culture in Indian society – brutality on humanity.


Fetal Age Determination from Length of femur and humerus by ultrasonography.

Incidence and pattern of Fabricated Injuries.

An unusual case of homicide by radioactive material.

Fundamentals of management of sexual assault cases.

Safe designing of vehicles from the pattern of road traffic injuries.

Impact of Proliferation of Small Arms and Light Weapons in South Asia.

Prevention of Drowning and its Societal Implications.

Atherosclerosis in Coronaries in Malwa Region of Punjab.

Optimization of chitosan film as a substitute for animal and human epidermal sheets for in vitro permeation of polar and non-polar drugs.

A Peculiar Case of Aortic Aneurysm Rupture with Coarctation of Aorta.

Victimology of High Altitude Pilgrimage.

Medical Evidence in Absence of Eyewitness – a case report.

Sexual Crimes against Women

Violent Asphyxial Deaths – A Six-Year Study

Deaths due to Railway Injuries – A Five-Year Study

Deaths Due To Thermal Injuries – An Autopsy Study.

Incidence, distribution, and Pattern of Firearm Injuries.

Spiritual coma Death: Report on Mummification

Heat Stroke

Attempted concealing of Homicides by Railway Injuries.

Traumatic Dislocation of Implanted Joint.

Optimizacija kitozanskih filmova kao zamjena za životinjsku i humanu epidermu za in vitro permeaciju polarnih i nepolarnih lijekova.

Crime Scene Investigation – A Holistic View.


Conversion to Hijrahs- Is it Need-Based or Crime.

Changes in the Levels of Vitreous Potassium with an increase in time since death.

Premenstrual Syndrome Malady and the Law.

Tsunami – a horror of Nature.

Medicolegal Autopsy by a Panel of Doctors- Present Scenario.


Medical and Social Aspects of Proliferation of Small arms and Light Weapons in South Asia.

Critical Appraisal of dying declaration.

Age estimation In Old Individuals y CT Scan of Skull.

Bioterrorism- the Latest fright for the present Generation.

Reference System deciphered for you.

Determination of Sex from Hair.

2020 – A Vision for Forensic Medicine.

Brought Alive for Postmortem Examination.

Forensic Entomology – A Guide to Postmortem Interval,

Study of Postmortem Interval from Rigor Mortis.


Medical Negligence in custodial Torture.

Forensic Medicine and Human Rights

Triple Homicidal Hangings Presented as Suicidal Hangings – a Case Report.

Abandoned Baby Catches the Culprit.

Parietal Foramen or Penetrating  Fracture of the skull.

Female foeticide.

Forensic Odontology



Oral autopsy, procedure and its utility


Photography for forensic odontologists & its impact on the judicial process

Gender recognition from othodontic parameters

The Assessment, technique and current status of tooth evidence for forensic identification

Role of forensic odontology in the investigation of terrorism

Reliability and Analysis of Changes in Bite Marks at Different Time Intervals and Temperature Ranges

The role of dentist & forensic odontologist in oral and dental aspects of child abuse and neglect

Identification from bite marks in a sexual assault case involving multiple assailants by DNA profiling

Comparative analysis of clinical and experimental methods for determination of sexual dimorphism of mandibular canines

A morphometric study of the human mandible in the Indian population for sex determination

Sexual dimorphism in buccolingual diameter of canines in north Indian population

Bite marks on skin and clay: a comparative analysis.


Anatomy of smiles in Haryanvi males

Intraoral measurement of mandibular canines- A reliable tool in gender determination

How deep is the bite? – a review on bite marks in forensic odontology.

Prevalence of Developmental Dental Anomalies: A study of Punjabi Population. 

The buccolingual diameter of maxillary canines in north Indian population. 


Bitemarks utility in sexual offences.

Linear measurements and indices of mandibular canines.

Determination of gender using Mandibular teeth in North Indians

Use of Gustafson method for the estimation of age in living beyond 25 years of age.

The mesiodistal diameter of Mandibular canines

Sexual dimorphism in buccolingual diameter of mandibular canines in Punjabi Population.

Forensic evaluation of mamelons on the incisors.

Odontometric study of canines in Indian population for sex determination.

Identification from bite marks on Nakh (Pear).

Importance of mandibular and maxillary canines in sex determination.

Age estimation by Gustafson method and its modifications

Forensic odontology and its future in India.

Revenge by bites.

Few tips for making ground sections of teeth for research purposes.

Age Estimation from Eruption of Permanent Teeth.

Forensic Examination of Bite marks – State of the Art.

Marvellous Tools of Identification – Bite Marks.

Age estimation from Eruption of temporary teeth.

Age estimation from Physiological changes in Teeth.

Sex determination from Pulpal tissue.

Forensic Nursing Science




Corporal Punishment


Medical Education

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